A dns zone already exists in ns1

Hello, I have been trying to add my custom domain(olawaleyusuf.com) to my https://eloquent-joliot-6687b8.netlify.app but I’m getting this error “DNS zone error already exists”. I have followed all the other solutions found in the forum, I tried signing up on NS1 website but I was unsuccessful. I need a solution, please.

hi there, is this the guide you already saw?

if yes, what happens when you go through the steps here as described? that would be the first step!

Yes, I tried to sign up on NS1 couldn’t get past the debit card registration page because my card was rejected. Tried multiple times.
contacted my domain provider, after so much back and forth which includes verifying my domain on google workspace I got the below Email a few hours ago.

Hi @Olawale_Yusuf :wave: ,

It appears you were able to resolve the issue and add the custom domain to your site :tada:

It looks like you still need to create A and CNAME records and have them point to Netlify. If you click on the “Check DNS configuration” link in Site settings > Domain management, you’ll see instructions on how to set that up.

Thank You. This was helpful.

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