429 network error when using the netlify api

I’m getting a 429 network error when I try and create more than 3 sites at a time using the Netlify API. Doing a PUT call via Axios to create a site on our team. Is there a way to read in more than one site per api call, or does the npm netlify help?

429 means rate limited. We have a generous limit for normal and valid API calls. If you’re getting 429, it would mean that you’re either calling the Netlify API using some weird means, or are using some VPN or proxy.

netlify from npm would have the same rate limits.

I’m using Axios to make post calls from a nodejs server to create sites it always throws it on the 4de site create. Note I only have the 3 concurrent builds active for my team. Also note, it doesn’t do this on any other API call to netlify, and when I use netlify from npm, it doesn throw the error, it just takes longer on the 4th create (kinda like throttling it).

Yes, there is an API rate limit for triggering only 3 builds per minute. Please check out our docs on rate limiting and how you can monitor your usage in real time here:

Is that builds or site creates?

I don’t see anything here about 3 a minute, I am able to trigger more than 3 builds a minute, its the site creates I have a problem with.

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Deploys are rate limited to 3 deploys/minute. We’ll work on clarifying that in our docs. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

Okay, thanks for clearing that up. Could you please explain to me, what is the difference between a deploy, a build and a site create.

Because this error accord when I did more than 3 creates in a row, i.e. I called this api

And when I trigger many builds at a time, it seems to be fine.

In terms of our database, a deploy is the object that relates to a specific, well, deploy. Any manual deploy using drag-n-drop, CLI, API, or any Git-based deploy - all will have a deploy object associated with them.

A build on the other hand is a property on the deploy object that would only exist in your actually run a build on Netlify. So, any kind of manual deploys will not have a build property associated with them.

Site create is the action of creating a site. Nothing fancy about it.

The endpoint that you’ve used is supposed to update the site’s settings. That should not have the above mentioned restriction, except for the 200 calls/minute.