429s being returned for some assets on our website

Our site is here: https://publizist-frontend.netlify.app/

But we usually access it from our domain: 8fit.com. When accessing it from the 8fit.com domain, we see 429 errors returning. Are our redirects somehow getting proxied by Netlify?

We only started seeing the issue today after the CDN errors were resolved on Netlify’s side.

This issue looks similar, but we’re not using basic auth to access the site: Preview Deployed app returns HTTP 429

Hi @glenna and sorry to hear about the trouble!

As part of maintaining a reliable network for Netlify customers, we leverage a number of techniques for identifying and mitigating abusive traffic and malicious actors.

During the time you experience the HTTP 429 responses, our network is seeing an anomalous volume of requests to your Netlify site. As a result, visitors to your site may experience responses with a 429 status code (Too Many Requests). It seems you believe this traffic is not abusive in nature.

I think that you proxy to Netlify, from your nginx server that 8fit.com resolves to - is that a correct description of your network layout? If so, please read this article about our support for being proxied to (TL;DR there is none at your account level and it is not recommended), and consider adjusting your configuring to instead have Netlify proxy to your site, rather than the other way around as I think you have it configured today: [Support Guide] Why not proxy to Netlify?

Let me know what you think!

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