Getting hammered with ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

Site: nostalgic-leavitt-186d07 (

Our users are experiencing frequent net::ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on our api calls from the site. A simple retry and it works, but it is happening at a very frequent rate.

We have done all the troubleshooting we can on our side, just at a complete loss of what is going on.

Please help.

We’re seeing the same.

An update to our issue, we had to remove the redirect/proxy we were using. Removing that has solved the issue for the time being. There must be an issue in that system right now.

Are you talking about the redirect rules specified in netlify.toml?

yes we had our external API calls going through it, and that was causing the random SSL errors.

hi there Hotsauce,

were you proxying to netlify? we generally advise against that:

We were making our external api calls through the netlify forwarding, and it was working great for the past year or so. 1-2 days ago all this SSL error stuff began happening. We configured CORS on our web server, and pointed everything directly at the server now, and the problem has been solved, but this created a ton of chaos on our Production system and would love to know why this changed or what the cause was.

This was affecting a few more users and has since been fixed. Are you still seeing this?

We stopped using the netlify redirects, and switched to directly talking to our backend api server, so no idea if this is still going on