404 Error. Please help with redirect

This is my app.

solutions i have tried:

  • Downloaded the zip file, the index.html is in the root folder.
  • tried to add _redirects folder in public directory. it does change the url but just refreshes the page.

Please help!
Thank you!

The page appears to load and none of the other links seem to be working. How to get a 404?

yes, i added the _redirects file so it is not showing a 404. but on clicking the sign up button it is supposed to go to /login page and it is not redirecting to that page. Only the url gets changed and the same home page is being loaded

Sounds like a problem with your code than Netlify. Everything is working correctly from our end.

It is working on localhost though…

Hi :wave:t6: I recommend you refer to this support guide as you are receiving a page not found error.

If you still cannot resolve this I encourage you to share your repo so we can check how you’ve configured the site.