WP2Static deploy stuck on "Deploy in progress for..."

Hi all,

I’m quite new to Netlify and static websites in general, so please let me know if I’m missing something.

Currently I’m (locally) developing a WordPress website, which I deploy to Netlify using WP2Static. So far, all of my deploys went through without a hitch and took about 5 minutes before being published.

Earlier this week, I decided to convert my image library to WEBP for performance reasons. Because of this, my uploads-folder went from ~900mb to about ~1,5gb. Since then, whenever I try deploying a new version, Netlify won’t get past the “Deploy in progress for sitename” screen (I’ve been waiting for one of my deploys to finish for 24hrs+).

For those who don’t know WP2Static: it generates a static version of a WordPress website before deploying it to Netlify via their API using the digest method. Because of this, I’m not seeing a deploy log (nothing is being built).

My sitename is visiamedia.netlify.app

Does anyone have any idea on how to debug this? Thanks in advance!

Hi @webskater , welcome to the Netlify Support Forums.
Regarding the quote above, kindly visit the forum post below since it is similar to upload file sizes.

Hi, @webskater. In addition to what @clarnx said. I have one more suggestion.

It appear you are deploying this site using manual deploy process. If you are using the “Drag and Drop” manual deploy method, uploads can be cancelled by networking issues (for example, weak wifi connections) and the uploads will not resume when this happens. If you see this again, you should just cancel the deploy because it will never complete once it enters this state.

I would also recommend using the Netlify CLI tool to make the manual deploys instead and you can find more information about that here:


The CLI tool does not have the same issue that the “Drag and Drop” method has. With the CLI tool manual deploys process, if there is a problem uploading the deploy due to networking issues, the CLI will detect this and - in most cases - it will automatically resume the deploy process when the network connection is restored.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

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