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I recently started to explore Netlify because I have some speed issues with my wordpress website - expert-dev.cz

I used a WP2static plugin to deploy the website on Netlify, but I keep getting unknown error while deploying the website and in doesnt finish the deploy (my server error log wont show anything, I increased Memory limit and Execution time a lot, but that didnt help). As soon as I disable couple of addons, the deploy finishes. (WP rocket, the caching plugin was disabled all the time, but some other plugin must be stoping the deployment)

Here is my netlify url

Is there any other way to diagnose the error and find the issue that stops the deploy?


Thank you for posting, and welcome to the Netlify Community! I would like to take a look into this, and to do so it would be helpful to know which deploy you’re referencing so I can take a look on our end. Can you share a link to that deploy log with us? Additionally, if you have any relevant logs of your own to share that will help me debug this for you, that would be much appreciated.

Are you trying to deploy a Wordpress site to Netlify? If so, this may relevant reading for you as well: How to deploy Wordpress website in Netlify?

Thanks so much!

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Hello, thank you for your answer.

I was trying to look more into this specific site deploy, as I didnt have any problem deploying other wordpress sites (and I got really great speed results) and it seems like there is one plugin that is stopping the deploy from completing URL fetch.

  • YOAST SEO (important one for our website)

I am using yoast SEO on other websites as well and one of them I deployed on Netlify without any problem.

Do you have any experience with this particular issue?

Thank you and have a nice day

Hi @janik,

Not being heavy Wordpress users ourselves, we don’t think we’ve a lot of insights about that. If you could point us to any error messages you might be receiving on Netlify, we can try to help with that.

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