WP Conversion Issues

I would like to move a WP site to Netlify. At the moment I favour using Eleventy. Currently, the WP site has some interactive features: Calendar, Sign-in, Member Groups, Forums, Forms. Of course plugins are used to accomplish this.

When I move to an SSG such as Eleventy, are there appropriate substitutes available for the plugins?


This is sadly not a Netlify related issue. So, it’s gonna be difficult to find help regarding that here. You’d have to do some research on your end. If not 11ty, there are a ton more SSGs out there, pick one which suits you the best.

However, from my experience, if you’re going to purely rely on plugins, I guess, you should stick to WordPress. I have used Gatsby, NuxtJS and am using Hugo now. Even though they all offer a ton of features out of the box, custom coding is needed to quite some extent. So, if you’re not comfortable with writing code, I suggest, stick to WordPress.

Thanks. Do you know if anyone has created a plugin for any SSG that would be used to create and manage groups?

If you’re talking about groups of users, I don’t think it’s possible without a lot of efforts. Static Sites are meant to run without a database, but, if you still end up connecting one, that’s gonna require a lot of code. Ready-made plugins might not exist or might not be free either. But, you can always keep looking. Someone might have run across your use case and might have developed something, you never know.

Thanks. I think the answer may be in APIs. I will research it.

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Hi, @Engine44. I just wanted to +1 what @hrishikesh already said.

While it is possible to do all the things you are asking about with a Jamstack site, there isn’t going to be any 1:1 relationship between plugins used for Wordpress and similar plugins for the Jamstack site or static site generator.