Migrate custom developed WordPress website into Netlify using Jamstack

I am new to Netlify. So don’t know more about that. I need to do migrate custom developed WordPress website into Netlify using Jamstack. So I need help with this migration process work and also need information regarding after migration we’ll still be able to edit in the backend with our WordPress?

Thank you

That’s a pretty big task, or not, depending on how customized your wordpress is. We won’t be able to do the work for you or give you a personalized step by step, but this article has some great advice!

Thank you @fool for your replay.

I have already reviewed this https://www.netlify.com/blog/2020/03/23/migrate-your-wordpress-site-to-the-jamstack/ blog post. But inside that provides very sort examples and mostly related to localhost simple blog post WordPress website and that’s hard to understand. My WordPress website is currently live and it’s a fully custom website and inside that also installed 30+ plugins.

First of all, I need help to create a new Gatsby site for my live WordPress website. Inside my live WordPress website, I have already Installed WPGraphQL and WPGraphiQL plugins. Now I don’t know more about what’s the next step to do and how to create a Gatsby site for my live WordPress website. So if you know about this then please provide me instructions.

Thank you

@fool I have one more question:

After creating a new Gatsby site from my current live WordPress website, Can we able to see the same UI design and functionality and Header menus inside the Gatsby site that available in the current live WordPress website?

Thank you

@ketan.p This falls into the realm of “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

You are asking a question that isn’t really the responsibility of Netlify to answer. As fool mentioned, this is a difficult, involved conversion in most situations, let alone in the case of a WordPress install with 30+ (!) plugins. One might ask why you want to make this transition, because if you are looking for better page-load times you might be able to get this with WordPress by switching to a better hosting environment and eliminating some plugins. Failing that, something like Shifter or Frontity might be a better fit. Shifter would be easier, but Frontity would be faster after the (non-trivial) transition.