Static site managed by WordPress

I am new to JAMstack and I am trying to learn how to work everything properly. I have a client that wants a business site with a small ecommerce store. I have this idea where on another host WordPress is hosted. The clients can manage their content by accessing WordPress. Whenever a post is updated it will then generate a build through Netlify using a static site generator. The thing is I am trying to use generators that don’t rely on frameworks (like Gatsby).

Essentially I would like Netlify to notice whenever product information is updated on the WordPress site, build the site using a ssg (preferably Hugo), and then deploy.

I am new to this realm and have been looking for resources that can make this work. If anyone has any starting points, advice, or has done this before I would love to hear about it.

one way would be to use wordpress api.

Yeah I am familiar with the WordPress api. I am less familiar with getting WordPress post updates to automatically build a static site through Hugo.

Just use Ecwid for the store.

@behjue, you can have wordpress send a webhook whenever you perform certain actions , like creating new posts (or products). That webhook can trigger a new netlify build.