I am searching for Netlify themes

I am going to change my CMS from WordPress to Netlify and I also watched the video that how to do it. I am still confuse just about one thing. As I can get a lot of themes on WordPress, Can I get different themes for netlify? I am working gothic pants website and I also want to change its theme. Please guide me about it.

Hi, @anthonymarciano. Netlify doesn’t provide themes of any kind. We will host your site but you are responsible for the design and creation of the site.

Also, please note that WordPress itself won’t work at Netlify. Netlify was designed for the hosting of Jamstack sites:

As WordPress requires a PHP runtime it won’t work at Netlify. However, there are literally hundreds of static site generators (SSGs) which can be used to make sites. Some people have written tools to create a static version of a WordPress site so you can host it here.

Please note the tools that do this were not written by Netlify and we don’t support those tools. Our support team can troubleshoot our service but we do not have the resources to explain how to use third-party tools.

We do have a blog post about moving a WordPress site to Netlify here (but this might be the guide you already read):

This question is welcome here and someone else might be able to answer. I just wanted to be clear about what our support team can and cannot assist with.