WOT ( Web of Trust ) netlify.com rating is misleading

I have noticed that netlify.com and ALL websites hosted on the subdomain *.netlify.com are being marked as fraudulent by WoT.
I have AdGuard ad-blocker which warns me about this every time. Maybe contacting WoT to resolve the issue will help.
Many companies use WoT ratings to determine phishing threats so it might start to affect more users soon.

@Maxim-Filimonov, I have just filed a support request with WoT about this here:


I’ve asked them if they have any allowances for web hosting companies like ours and explained how our service works in that support ticket. My best guess is that user site subdomain have been reports as fraud/spam sites and this is affecting the reputation of the apex/root domain (netlify.com).

I’m hoping there is a setting which can be enabled to treat netlify.com itself like a top-level domain (.com, .edu, .org etc). This would then treat the individual subdomains of netlify.com like unique sites for the purposes of WoT, which is the reality of the situation.

I’ll let you know what they say. They are free to disagree but I imagine this is not the first time they have seen our sort of hosting configuration. If it is not new, they likely have an existing solution or workaround.