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Will changing an account from Personal to organisation mess anything up with Netlify?

A company I work for is planning on changing one of their accounts from personal to an organisation.
The GitHub account that we plan on changing is linked up with Netlify and handles our websites.

Will the switch mess anything up along the way or is it safe to go ahead with the switch?

hi there @Kbennett - here are some things that will change, so i am glad you asked:

as an organization, you cannot log in to GitHub, not use your GH to login to Netlify.

We recommend you reconnect your user acct (or disconnect it and set a password if none is set already) from git in the Netlify App screen.

let us know if this answers your question!

Hi Perry,

Thanks for the reply! Really helpful thank you.
I do have a few little questions for you if you can help? Just want to 100% make sure before we switch.
We use Hugo to create the websites and that points towards the GitHub repos and checks for any changes.
If we change from person to organisation does that change anything or does all that stay the same?

If so we will go ahead with the change thanks to your prior help.

hi @Kbennett , what you are describing shouldn’t be affected by changing to an Organization - that’s the standard way our CI (continous integration) platform works! If you do see any issues relating to this then that would be a bug, and we would want to know right away so we can fix it!