Why was HTTP/2 Server Push support dropped?

The page announcing the feature (https://www.netlify.com/blog/2017/07/18/http/2-server-push-on-netlify/) returns a 404, and the documentation just says:

This brings support for core HTTP/2 features like request multiplexing and compressed headers, but does not include server push capability.

When / why was this feature dropped?


Hey Mike, thanks for checking in on this.

Looking back at our internal records, it seems like we didn’t end up pursuing HTTP/2 Server Push (as opposed to implementing it and then removing it). I don’t have more information on this at the moment - do you have a use case for which having it implemented would be beneficial? :thinking:

I’m pretty sure I have sites up and running that have HTTP/2 server push enabled… And by pretty sure I mean 100% :sweat_smile:.

Alrighty, did some digging, and this is the most recent i have on this. Sorry for the confusion, there is information in a couple of different places (github, internal docs, fool’s brain, this forum…) on this.

(there is a lot more detail in that thread)

Hi Perry,

Thanks for responding. No concrete usecase — I was just interested in potential ways to optimise content delivery and wanted to enable HTTP/2 server push to gather some empirical data.