Lighthouse reports no http2 when testing website

While testing our new deploy, Lighthouse docked us a few point due to pages not being served over http2. The only mention of this in the documents states that having https enabled is the key. We do have https enabled and the certificate is current.

Is there something extra that needs to be added to the _header file or another setting somewhere that needs to be activated in order to serve pages via http2. And no, not asking about push.

No configuration needed - that should be automatic as long as the requestor is using https and is http2 capable, and it is not behavior that can be opted out of. Could you share a URL that is marked as “not-http2” so we can best investigate?

Tried testing a few different pages from the website through Google’s various tests, Chrome Lighthouse, PageSpeed insights. They all come back as no http2.

Sorry, can’t seem to loose the website snippet.

Thanks! It’s all http2 here in my browser (chrome latest):

(“H2” as a protocol == http2).

Perhaps you use a proxy when you test? We’ve seen e.g. sophos antivirus install a transparent, unasked-for proxying that is not http/2 capable is installed on your laptop.

Thanks. If you are seeing http2, then I guess it must be my end. Will have to see if BitDefender installs any proxies (I now they like to do middle mans on SSL, so who knows what else they meddle with).