Netlify ghost Gatsby blog: caching and http2

hello is it normal this website signals I don’t have http2 and caching is disabled? what should I do? blog is here:

@NicolasK The “caching disabled” does not seem to be normal, but your code refers to some Gatsby caching, which may account for this. Without that, your “server config” score would be a B instead of a C.

this article solved the caching issue

you need to add to your netlify.toml
# Installed Netlify plugins
  package = "netlify-plugin-gatsby-cache"

but what about http2?

@NicolasK Did you see this exchange?

it seems it’s automatic: I have https from netlify so it should be http/2.
google does have a point though: what if I had mixed content?

@NicolasK “Mixed protocols” are when you are trying to load http information into an https page. The nomenclature is similar, but HTTP/1 and HTTP/2 are just different ways of delivering the same data. HTTP/2 is designed to be faster and more efficient, but using one or the other does not result in a “mixed content” issue.

If it makes you feel any better, Geekflare Tools reports that your site is being served by HTTP/2