Why the intial load of the site is slow but used to be very fast?

I deployed my website Monbgul created with remix. Earlier the intial load of the site would be very fast. But very recently the website initial load takes roughly around 7 seconds to load. My netlify app is optimistic-engelbart-89fc93.netlify.app

Also why mongul.cloud is not working. My DNS configuration is

While page test always returns good result but when loading, there is a delay in loading the website.

Hi @monbgul_cloud,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m showing that your custom domain is properly resolving and DNS is configured properly to Netlify name servers.

host -t ns monbgul.cloud

monbgul.cloud name server dns1.p01.nsone.net.

monbgul.cloud name server dns2.p01.nsone.net.

monbgul.cloud name server dns3.p01.nsone.net.

monbgul.cloud name server dns4.p01.nsone.net.

Are you still having issues with monbgul.cloud not working?

In regards to the slow loading of the site, you can experience slow loads on our CDN, if a CDN node hasn’t cached the file before. In each region where we have a CDN presence, we have multiple nodes and they each have their own cache. If the node responding to your request hasn’t cached the asset, the node must request the asset (uncompressed) from our west-coast US origin server. The asset is then sent uncompressed to the CDN node, compressed, then sent to the browser. This is a one-off longer load. Each node will preserve the asset until your site is re-deployed and the asset changes.

Are you still having issues with monbgul.cloud not working? - Working now but the site is ‘Not secure’. What should I do to make the connection to secure.

if a CDN node hasn’t cached the file before - When will caching complete after a change?

It appears to be working perfectly fine to me.

Not all of your website is cached. Your file will be cached once a CDN node serves it. Do note that, there are multiple CDN nodes and any one of those can serve your request. So if node A served your request now, and it cached the file, it need not be the same node that serves the file if it’s requested again. So if node B serves the file, if it doesn’t have it cached, it will still take time.