Why is my CSS missing after deploying website?


I am new to this and followed along with a Udemy course. I used scss files to compile the css. Why is it that when I deploy the website it has no styling?? It works just fine on a local server. Thanks

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The short answer: the path to the resources is incorrect.

In the HTML files is

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/dist/css/main.css">


<script src="/dist/js/typewriter.js"></script>


<img src="/dist/img/logo.png" alt="My Portfolio" id="logo">

The common issue with these is the use of /dist. The dist directory is the directory published to Netlify, thus in these cases (and all other such cases) you need to remove the /dist from the src and href attributes. Once you have done this, redeploy.

You can see what files are deployed and the structure they take by downloading the deploy

Quite likely because the development server is running at the root of the repository and not using dist as the base directory. In this instance dist is a sub-directory and the paths are correct.