Why is it taking so long for DNS records to update?

I’ve update the A and CNAME records for my domain and its been 32 hours. I’ve done this before in netlify but it didn’t take nearly as long. I’ve even cleared the DNS cache for the domain name.

Is this normal?

What is the domain you are having issues with?

The domain name is - reckontech.org -

I updated the A and CNAME records about 32 hours ago.

reckontech.org is using Netlify DNS. You do not create A, AAAA, or CNAME records. When you add a custom domain to a site Netlify automatically creates the required records. See Assign a domain to a production site.

Think I left out important information. My website is hosted in google cloud VM, but my domain name is in Netlify. In order to connect my domain name to my hosted website inside of Google Cloud VM I’d need to update the A & CNAME records to point to the external IP of my Google cloud VM, did I understand that wrong?

All the DNS records seem to be working. What is the issue exactly?

The DNS was pointing the domain name to some random IP addresses when I checked on DNS checker. But after playing around with TTL & removing already hosted site on netlify it worked, so its fine now.

Thank you for responding anyway!!

Given how Netlify works, you will see multiple IP address and they will differ between locations around the world. They also change regularly.

Why would you play with this? There is no reason to play with this if you have configured the domain as per the Netlify documentation.

As per section 2.7 of the Self-serve Subscription Agreement

Managed DNS. Netlify Managed DNS or Netlify functions are strictly for use with sites
deployed to Netlify.

As your site is no longer served by Netlify you are no longer permitted to use Netlify DNS and will need to remove the domain from Netlify DNS. I see you purchased reckontech.org via Netlify so you will need to follow the directions outlined in the following support guide.