When site is down send an email notification

-on any site

  • is there an ability to send a notification when Netlify sites are down?
    i don’t have issue about it coz i know in most cases Netlify can resolve this pretty quick but one of our client is very concern about it.

@charlesm20 Welcome to the Netlify community.

Tell your client there are any number of website monitoring solutions available from third-party vendors.

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@charlesm20 I have set up statuscake monitoring for clients in the past. It costs nothing for simple uptime monitoring, in my experience.

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thanks, this looks promising. i’ll give it a try


Hey folks! @charlesm20, this isn’t a current feature, but we appreciate you bringing this up. If you can share a bit more about your use case and the benefits you see in this, I would be more than happy to bring it up to one of our teams for discussion.

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