What to do for successfully indexing my react app through Google search results?

Hi, recently I’ve built a create-react-app blog.
I’ve tried to index them on Google search results.
Somehow, the Google bot only crawls on the pages, not posts.
I’ve rendered my posts by Markdown Fetching and Promise declaration.

A whole day, I spent to figure out how to do this. Even I’ve written a Q&A post in Stackoverflow about the solution.


However, I end up here I’d have to send an inquiry on Netlify here as well.

Please let me know if you know how to appear the dynamically rendering markdown posts through Googlebot indexed result on search results.

Thank you
Best regards,

Hi @ollagada, if your posts are generated using javascript, you may want to try the prerendering feature. Once you’ve enabled it, you can go to this post [Common Issue] Understanding and debugging prerendering on how to test and some caveats.