What is this JS<script> ...170 lines </script> doing in my website?

Hi All,
-can anyone help to understand what is this js code ?
I removed the website since I found the JS at the beginning of my website. (website was something like dogirts.netlify.com)

I found this After the tag.
I paste first 50 lines below.
Below is just the code so I appreciate any help and your time for educating me. Thank You All And A Peaceful And Happy Friday

window[Symbol.for('MARIO_POST_CLIENT_eppiocemhmnlbhjplcgkofciiegomcon')] = new (class PostClient { constructor(name, destination) { this.name = name; this.destination = destination; this.serverListeners = {}; this.bgRequestsListeners = {}; this.bgEventsListeners = {}; window.addEventListener('message', (message) => { const data = message.data; const isNotForMe = !(data.destination && data.destination === this.name); const hasNotEventProp = !data.event; if (isNotForMe || hasNotEventProp) { return; } if (data.event === 'MARIO_POST_SERVER__BG_RESPONSE') { const response = data.args; if (this.hasBgRequestListener(response.requestId)) { try { this.bgRequestsListeners[response.requestId](response.response); } catch (e) { console.log(e); } delete this.bgRequestsListeners[response.requestId]; } } else if (data.event === 'MARIO_POST_SERVER__BG_EVENT') { const response = data.args; if (this.hasBgEventListener(response.event)) { try { this.bgEventsListeners[data.id](response.payload); } catch (e) { console.log(e); } } } else if (this.hasServerListener(data.event)) { try { this.serverListeners[data.event](data.args); } catch (e) { console.log(e); } } else { console.log(`event not handled: ${data.event}`); } }); }

Hey @g.d.mindset

The site you linked no longer exists.

I deleted the site. Because of the that appeared on the beginning of the website.

  • i updated website frequently & always downloaded the most current version from the web, because I work from different workstations
    I recognized this & did not have a clue why it is there ?

Do you need to see the website to comment ?
I can upload and show it, but I will not put the

Please let me know how to go about this.

Thank You

The above JavaScript is incomplete, and makes little sense standalone. Seeing the page/site as a whole may help.

Did all versions of your site contain this script? If you have all the production versions, you could check when it appeared.