What is the "official stance"?

All threads are getting locked and you’re pointing to https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1762518910107033798

as your “official stance”.

But what is the stance? All you say in the twitter thread is "This situation has reinforced the urgency of our ongoing work to put safeguards in place in our billing system to ensure that this never happens again. No user of Netlify should ever be concerned that this could happen to them, and we are committed to fixing this issue immediately. "

But that says nothing? You still charged that guy $5000 (until it went viral), so I have no idea what your stance is besides “we’re sorry this went viral, we aren’t committing to not charging you though”

Anyway, you can keep on locking threads, that’s your prerogative, but I for one have lost all confidence in your company and I’m out. A “free” service that can suddenly hit you for thousands??? Nah, thanks, I don’t need that stress in my life.

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exactly lol, they closed my thread too, i think many ppl agree that this whole situation is pretty scummy

for now im at least happy theyre addressing it a little, theyll begin shutting free sites down if the bandwidth goes over the limit or something, im unsure, but hopefully itll get better handling in the future so people dont have to pay 104, 21, or 5 k in bills over something they had no control over

the staff responses are nothing but copy-paste anyway ‘we are deeply sorry <something>, as a company we seek …, contact support about ur acc’ and whatnot lol

Hi @leavingNF,

Our stance is that this situation should not happen. To do this, we will be looking at improving our safeguards so irregular or suspicious bandwidth spikes are identified and investigated before an invoice is ever sent to a customer.

Ok thanks. That’s clearer. I shall still leave, but will check back in few months when you have implemented said safeguards and have published new policies that are concrete and binding and not mere PR-speak.

@laura Can Netlify as a company also look at how they manage instances of “bad press” in regards to forum moderation?

I know from past occurrences that Netlify usually issue a blanket corporate “press release” style response, but the way staff “lock” any thread they determine to be related, (without answering questions contained within), is poor form.

I understand it’d be getting done to stifle discussion and mitigate damage, but if a customer takes the time to express a legitimate question, particularly one that’s unanswered by the “press release” response, they deserve an answer, not to be ignored.

The main thread that’s been locked for example is actually 4 years old and rather tellingly not ‘solved’:

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Hi @nathanmartin, yes let me add that as an agenda item for internal discussion. Thank you for flagging!