Simple question: Can you just take my site offline if I go over the bandwidth limit

I really don’t understand why I can’t just set a hard limit on all of categories you get changed for. I would gladly pay for an enterprise account but I would rather my site get taken offline than get charged more than I can afford.

The response from Netlify regarding this issue misses the mark

From the CEO

It’s currently our policy to not shut down free sites during traffic spikes that doesn’t match attack patterns, but instead forgiving any bills from legitimate mistakes after the fact.

This response, to a forum user asking how to Limit bandwidth to avoid high billing caused by DDoS?, was particularly frustrating to read.

The user’s concern: If I get DDOSed and I have no limits on usage I’m going to have to pay alot

I’m always afraid on “pay for usage” services that it has no limits.

I think it’s very rational and expected for “pay for usage” sites to have user set limits on the usage.

Netlify employee’s response
“Don’t worry it wont happen to you”

while DDoS attacks to happen, they are generally not geared towards users on our starter tiers.

“If it does its your fault”

we would probably benefit from chatting with you about what kind of a site you are asking us to host for free if it is likely to attract that kind of attention.

"If you are charged more than you expected that’s good b/c people went to your site

Now, if something you host goes viral - congrats! We’re assuming that is not necessarily a bad thing - right?

“Not our problem, you should know if you’re going to be DDOSed”

So, in short, I want to answer by asking a.) is this a realistic thing that could happen to you? b.) you are super welcome to investigate options to mitigate the fallout from a DDoS attack or viral content on your own!

And my favorite: “Our job is to keep your site up, sorry you don’t like that”

Our priority is to keep your site up - that’s what our business is about. If that isn’t an approach that works for you and changes your decision to host with us, I understand.

It’s a really simple request, let me set limits to never have to pay a dime more that I expected or agreed to. It seems this decision is based in a predatory business practice to get people to pay more rather than an difficult engineering problem the just can’t solve.

Netlify service looks really good and is my first choice but I will not sign up for “Unlimited” charges. I also will not just “trust” that Netlify will forgive my bill if something does go wrong.

I just want to see Netlify do better. Simply let me set limits on usage and have better customer service.

Here’s 2¢ FWIW.

What if Netlify created an Under Attack Mode like Cloudflare have, or some sort of kill switch?

@Oddish I’m not sure of the various locations you’re quoting from but the Netlify CEO did mention the possible future potential for “preset limits” in this post on X:

While we do currently have notifications in place that make a user aware that extra bandwidth is being consumed, we do not currently have the ability for users to preset limits. We have assembled a team to immediately address this, and we will report back to the community ASAP when we have some more solid information to share around timing.

I imagine they’ll have to considering Vercel’s various responses:

But as Matt says:

If that isn’t an approach that works for you and changes your decision to host with us, I understand.

If you like the look of what Vercel is pitching, you could host with them.

Note: I don’t work for Netlify, I don’t care where you host, I think you should seek the best provider for your own situation!

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