What is the Netlify Site credential I should enter when running Git Pull repository from GitHub

#Netlify-support #netlify-cms

Hi, I’ve got two sites on Netlify, both repositories are hosted on GitHub.

Site A has Netlify CMS and LMS enable and Site B does not.

I have no problem pulling Site B from GitHub to a new computer, however pulling the repository of Site A from GitHub will prompt me to enter credential of


I tried using Netlify’s main log in, not working. I tried using Netlify CMS Admin page log in, not working.

After I terminate the clone, I got

warning: Clone succeeded, but checkout failed.

Can anyone please tell me what credential do I need to enter here?


As no one reply, I guess it is not as easy as it sounds like.

Anyway, I created a new github repository, this time I did not use Large Media and it is working fine now.