What is api.segment.io and how to opt out?


This appears at Deployment page - browser console.


Hi @GulshanKumar, we use segment to handle some of our integrations. You can find more more information on what Segment as a service is for on their site: https://segment.com/

It’s not clear to me what you want to opt out of. Can you clarify what the problem is that you’re experiencing? Thank you!

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Does it collect any PI?

Occasionally it does. It’s more often used for things like “how many folks have visited the deploy logs page” or “how many people clicked on this button in our UI”. For an PII, we handle that via our GDPR-compliant processes, as mentioned here:

There is no way to opt out, except not using our service. You could also choose to block api.segment.io with an adblocker, which shouldn’t affect our service, but will mean that we don’t consider your use cases as we improve the product, since we are not tracking your usage (even in aggregate, non-PII-involved ways).

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