Website Not working Even though DNS seems to be correct

Hey Guys,
Looking for some assistance. When i check google dig it says in the NS setting that it is pointed to Netlify. However when i visit the site. it is still the old site. The mail is working that i redirected to google.
Any ideas on what I should be doing?

hi there,

how long ago did you make this change? Nameservers can take up to 48 to show those changes, so if this just happened, i’d wait a little longer.

Ping us again if there isn’t any change in a day or so.

It was almost 24 hours ago now. So I will wait and see what happens. The only reason i reached out earlier is because when i check google dig it has the correct details when I have the A record.

It says that its a DigitalOcean server is that normal

NS settings.

Hi, @upbound-web, I am seeing this domain name ( is displaying the most recent version of the Netlify site it is linked to at this time.

I noticed this site uses a service worker. This means that you might need to unregister that in your local browser to get the most recent version to display. There is more information about service workers here:

Note, that is an issue specific to sites with a service workers and has nothing to do with Netlify itself. It is the service worker doing this, not Netlify.