Website not loading on diffirent devices

I’m currently making a website for our entrepreneurship project.
I tested opening it on my sister, dad, and computers and it worked, but when my friend tried to open the website it loaded “This site can’t be reached”.
It’s been approximately 11 hours since its deployment and it still doesn’t work on other devices, what did I do wrong?

Hi @Dreigonnadoit

Looking at the footer of the site I see you are in the Philippines. There is unfortunately a known issue with loading of Netlify sites in the Philippines with certain ISPs. This is an issue created by the ISPs blocking Netlify IP addresses, and not an issue created by Netlify. You can find more in this (now quite lengthy) thread


To @coelmay,
Thank you for informing me about this issue and for the link to the thread. After reading all of it, the problem seems to be with the internet service provider. The friend I asked to check out the website was using PLDT, which is the main reason he couldn’t access the website, I think. I’m using Globe, which should be safe.

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If your friend using PLDT wants to try again with their support team to ask them to unblock us, that would be welcome! We don’t get any response from them ourself, since we are not customers :frowning:

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