Website isnt working consistently on all devices

Netlify site name:
Custom domain name:

I deployed this website from my github repo. While one of my friends can access the website from my custom domain, I along with my other 2 friends can’t access it. Could you please help me understand the problem?

PS: I can access my netlify site without any issues.

hi there, i am able to load your website without problems. I am guessing that the people who can’t see it are maybe seeing a cached version of the site somewhere. Is the site very new?

Ask your friends to see if they can see the site if they access it in an incognito window. If that still doesn’t help, the next question would be to ask if both friends are on the same network - if yes, then it might be an issue with that network provider.

let us know what you find out!

hi perry, thank you for your generous comment. The site is very new, I created it just today. And yea, you are right, there was some problem with network provider, I guess because i myself tried it with Incognito as well as over VPN. It finally worked after almost an hour, I guess i should have waited for a bit longer. Thanks anyways.

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