Website keeps going down with ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR (this site cant provide a secure connection)


basically, Website keeps going down with ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR (this site cant provide a secure connection), but after some minutes, it’s up again, and saying that it’s a safe connection.

Thanks for the help

:heavy_check_mark: Netlify DNS” is also checked

Hi @jva,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

Do I have the domain correct: ? I’m unable to replicate the issue, however the site appears to be hosted on AmazonS3. Could you provide us with the site name (for example, where you’re having this issue? That’ll help us investigate this issue. Thanks!

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hey there thanks for reaching,
the screenshot I provided is from the google haha, I just used it because my browser is in another language

I’m having this issue randomly throughout the day, eg: 1pm until 1:02pm, then from 1:09pm until 1:12pm, etc

Hi, @jva. To debug this we need the following information:

  • the full URL requested
  • the client IP address making the request
  • the server IP address that responds with the incorrect SSL certificate
  • the date, time, and timezone when the request was made

Would you please send us those details?

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Sure! It just happened now.

  • About this and the next one, could you please guide me on how to get those? If it’s not that complicated
  • Right before this message was sent, 6:10PM -3GMT


Hi, @jva. The answer for the IP address information is “it depends”.

For your client IP address, it is probably the public IP address that your ISP is using for your network access. You can find that using a third-party service like this one:

You can also make specialized DNS queries that will provide this information. If you install dig (a command line DNS testing tool), you can get your public IP address for IPv4 and IPv6 with these:

dig -4 TXT +short
dig -6 TXT +short

DigitalOcean has a great install guide for dig here:

Getting the server IP address can be done in many ways and how to do so will vary from browser to browser and from OS to OS. This example below is using Chrome (and the OS doesn’t matter).

When you first visit the site with SSL certificate errors, you will see a warning similar to this:

The next steps are to click Advanced and then click the “proceed to (unsafe)” link at the bottom:

Before clicking the link above open Chrome’s devtools (F11 on most systems) and click the network tab:

Then click on the line for the HTTP response, click the “Headers” tab and the server IP address will be the “Remote Address” value shown.

What I’m guessing it will show is that the IP address is not really one Netlify uses. If so, it means your ISP’s DNS is redirecting the connection for some reason. (If so, don’t be surprised as many ISPs will do this.)

If we determine that the ISP is returning incorrect DNS responses for Netlify, the next step will be for you to contact your ISP to get them to stop doing that (that is, if you want them to stop doing so). That is only a guess, though, and it is possible something else is the root cause here.

I also wanted to follow-up with one more detail. If we do determine the ISP’s DNS is the cause, the other solution is:

  • stop using the ISP’s DNS server and use other DNS servers that don’t have this issue

Many people don’t realize that using your ISP’s DNS servers is optional and using a third-party DNS server can be a better experience in many cases (probably most cases).

There is a list of third-party DNS servers that can be used here:

You might just testing changing your DNS service first. If changing DNS services fixes the SSL issue, we then know it was the ISP causing it. If changing DNS doesn’t fix it, then something else is the cause here.