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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay for yesterday’s ‘Migrate a WordPress Site to the Jamstack’ webinar. After hearing that it was being recorded, so we could watch later, I felt relieved. However, I couldn’t find any links to it.

Is there any central place you guys add those recordings, so we can see?


Hey @satoshi! Thanks for coming to the webinar! We’ll be sending out an email with a link to the recording to attendees later today! Within the next week or so, we’ll have a page on the site where it’ll be more widely available.


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Try this:

Migrate a WordPress Site to the JAMstack - https://netlify.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_hVvYQLy_Sd2YACOogtqM4w

(Note: This post was edited by the Netlify Support team.)

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Hi, @gregraven, we’ve edited the post above to be the URL for the sign up link for now. We’ll update that to the video URL again once the video is officially public.

Hey Nate, was that email sent to attendees by any chance as I didn’t get any?

hey satoshi! did you check the link - or sign up already? If you didn’t sign up, try doing that. If you already did and didn’t receive a link, let me know and I’ll investigate.

Hey @perry, sorry, I’m not sure I understand? I was an attendee and hence, already signed up before the event? Do I need to sign up again?

Hey @satoshi, thanks for attending the webinar! I’ll shoot you a message with the link - thanks for your patience with this.

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Hello @perry I got a marketing email today with a link to register to see the “Migrate a Wordpress Site to the Jamstack”. I filled out the registration - but zoom is asking for a password that I don’t have. How do I get the password?

Thank you!


I have registered for the recording as well, but haven’t received the password yet. Did I miss something where I could get it?

same, not getting the password neither. The problem also happens with other Netlify webinars

hi everyone, sorry for the confusion.

we just sent a fresh email with new instructions to everyone who was signed up for the webinar :+1:

please comment on this thread (I am closing this one as there are multiple threads)