Anybody had an issue accessing the On-demand Zoom trainings?

I got an email about on-demand trainings and signed up for the one about migrating from Wordpress to Netlify. When I got to the Zoom screen, it asked for a password - but I never got anything in my email with the password.


I’m seeing the same thing, and it seems you’re not the only one. Not sure if it’s publicly available anymore, but maybe this will get you going:

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hi there, can you check your DMs? I think we reached out to you with the password.

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would you be able to send me too please?

Same here. Trying to access the webinars Angular in the Jamstack and A Drupal Journey to the Jamstack and I beeing asked a password…
Did you managed to access the recordings eventually ?

hi everyone, sorry for the confusion.

we just sent a fresh email with new instructions to everyone who was signed up for the webinar :+1:

please comment on this thread (I am closing this one as there are multiple threads)