WebGL video player issues

Dear support

I just deployed my webgl game here made by Unity.
inisde the game we have video player, but it won’t played.

whereas it works fine on my localhost.
been tried multiple times to embed the mp4 video locally,
also url hyperlink also didn’t work.

here is the link. https://eloquent-bonbon-1143aa.netlify.app/

and if you guys enter the building,
there is a booth with Play button in orange.
That is actually the pop up for video.

I wish there is a way to do such thing


We can’t see what’s happening. We don’t have your Unity project to check and there are no network requests being made. From Netlify’s point-of-view, the site is working fine, as there are no errors whatsoever.

You might want to try to add some logging to see when your video starts loading, or if there’s some error, etc.