Weak Ciphers Enabled


I noticed that one of my websites, inside Netlify, has Weak Ciphers. Is this something that Netlify can help with? Or can I control this issue inside my static files?

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Thank you for getting back to my question.

Netlify Domain: rooam-web-production.netlify.app
Custom Domain: https://rooam.co

Haven’t changed the DNS for months. Reason in bringing this up is to see if it was something I could even control, or if this issue is on Netlify’s side. I just ran the site through https://www.ssllabs.com/ which notified me on the weak Ciphers.

My 2 cents here:

I’m not very sure about your case, but even if this is a problem from Netlify’s end, I’d like to say that Netlify uses Let’s Encrypt’s SSL. Let’s Encrypt claims to provide SSL to around 225 million websites. So, if at all it’s weak ciphered, maybe all those 225 million are the same. Probably not something to worry about.

However, take that with a pinch of salt.

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