VPC Peering with Netlify Functions

We currently use Netlify to run a NextJS site with heavy use of SSR. This is building on Netlify Functions, which to my understanding run as AWS Lambda functions.
We are about to migrate our backend to MongoDB Atlas, which conveniently can also run on AWS.

The best practice for network access control with MongoDB Atlas is to peer our VPC on AWS with that of Atlas, as we’ve been able to do successfully with other services we run. However as we deploy the NextJS site through Netlify, we don’t have access to the VPC where our SSR code is running as Lambda functions.

So the questions are:

  1. Do we even have a dedicated VPC for our own Lambda functions on Netlify?
  2. If so, can we get it peered with the MongoDB Atlas VPC?
  3. If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, what could be the next step, other than completely opening up the network with added security and performance risk, or just moving the site elsewhere?

I think the answer to that would it, “it depends on your requirements”. Do you think you need it?

From my point of view, unless there are technical limitations that don’t allow you to perform CRUD operations on your database from Netlify Functions directly, you don’t need VPC.

However, if you do need VPC, you might have to contact our Sales team to talk about configuring your own AWS Lambda account where the functions would the be deployed.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware that is a possibility.