NextJS: Server Side Rendering (Netlify Function) and Securtiy (Load Balancing, Ddos Protection)

Hey there!

I found this article from 2017 and I’m not sure how relevant it still is in this regard.

If I understand it correctly, Netlify handles things like load balancing, ddos protection etc. automatically for static pages (if my domain is either registered/ or delegated to Netlify).

Now I’m wondering how this behaves for NextJS sites hosted on Netlify that use server-side rendering with the new Essential Next Plugin. If I understand it correctly, NextJS’s server side rendering is made possible by Netfliy Functions.

  1. Now I’m wondering if Netlify functions have also load balancing, have ddos proection, etc. (like the static pages)?
  2. What happens if I have a page on my website that uses the getServerSideProps method and this page is requested very often (on each initial request and for cache invalidation) or is subject to a Ddos attack. Do I have to think about a strategy or does Netfliy handle this automatically for me? If so, how is this working? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

howdy paul!

those are some great questions - but i think you might get a faster answer if you see if there is anything relevant already filed in the issues here:

and, if not, please do go ahead and file a new one so that the next plugin team can take a look and hopefully has more info for you!

hi perry, thank you!

in case i forget to post the answer here, i’ll link the issue as a follow up.