Serverless Next.js 9 on Netlify Functions

Just sharing this thing we recently found - - Nextjs 9 was recently released and people want to try it on Netlify - this is how to do it - basically copy over the serverless functions into a folder which has a thin compatibility layer, then run netlify-lambda on it.

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Hey @swyx,

Thank you for sharing the link to that repository. It really helped me get a grasp on how hosting serverless NextJS apps on Netlify might work (:mega: big shoutout to mottox2).

Expanding on that foundation, I was able to create an npm package that lets you deploy NextJS apps with Server-Side Rendering on Netlify: next-on-netlify

I’ve shared more details about getting started with next-on-netlify and how it works in a post in another thread. I just wanted to bring this to your attention because I’ve seen you do a bit with NextJS here and there!

If you have any thoughts, feedback, or ideas, I’m all ears!

Greetings from a Netlify-fan :heart:


That’s awesome, @finn.woelm!!!