Visual Editor Cannot be setup

I am having this same exact issue!

We’re waiting for a HAR file from @srm.netlify.cms. If you have one, @RemingtonHolder, please share.

Same issue here (unfortunately I can’t upload the redacted HAR as I am a new user).

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Posted the HAR here: HAR file corresponding to issue when trying to set up Visual editor in a Netlify site · GitHub

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@hrishikesh could you please check our HAR? we’re having the same exact issue

@hrishikesh could you please check our issue above? we’re also seeing this on telnyxdotcom-docs site

@aitortelnyx @dottelnyx I’ve escalated both of your requests to our helpdesk, you’ll receive an update via email

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@sid.m Could i also have this issue escalated? I am posting a redacted HAR here, if a full version is needed I can be contacted directly. HAR FILE

Double checked all permissions and I’m also getting the analyze-repo 404 with {"name":"GithubAccessTokenNotFound"}

Ok I fixed it by changing my netlify email to match my github email address