Visibility into how bandwidth is used


It looks like my site might exhaust Netlify’s bandwidth quota and I could be forking over a little $$! Which is totally cool with me - I’ve gotten a ton of value for the excellent service and am totally willing to pay my share of the server bill.

I would love to know where that bandwidth is going, though. And I know that this is, well, the Analytics feature, but basically: bandwidth is a very spike-oriented and unpredictable way to price things. I am kind of surprised that my site has used up 80+GB of transfer this month, and my best bet is something like “some jerk ran wget in a loop downloading some high-res photo”. That is what it’s been in the past, judging from CloudFront logs for other types of content, and it just makes the idea of bandwidth pricing kind of icky, that really what you’re paying for is the behavior of abusive bots.

So - and knowing that analytics is its own product with its own pricing - I just wonder if there’s some way to give some visibility into where those gigs are going, such that we might know if there’s some particular resource or user which is causing 90% of the bill?

Haha I know you get plenty of traffic @tmcw, but if this site is approaching 100GB bandwidth/month, that’s pretty neat. Right on :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll leave the answer to your actual question to the on-staff support engineers :grin: – For what it’s worth, I do know that a few folks use CloudFlare in front of Netlify (though it’s not exactly recommended) for the sake of CloudFlare’s bandwidth tracking, request visibility, and even reducing the bandwidth draw to Netlify as another caching layer (ref).


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Hey folks! Sorry especially to you @tmcw since we missed your comment back in December last year!

We are currently working on a “bandwidth insights” type page that will mirror the build insights page for tracking your build minutes in functionality. Per-site breakdowns in hopefully shorter time frames gives you the insights that analytics won’t across all your sites.

Anyhow, we’ll post here when it’s available since it’s our plan for trying to answer this kind of question (short of a new product shipping out your access logs which we’ve also built, but which is targeted at our Enterprise-level customers so maybe not a reasonable solution for a smaller shop).

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