Video content shows on Netlify site, fails on Domain site

Here is my Netlify Site:

You’ll notice a video that displays just fine at the top of the home page, as well as a video that displays just fine at the top of the ‘Start Order’ page.

Here is the domain that Netlify is redirecting my project to:

The videos on both pages refuse to play despite my best efforts.

The videos play on Localhost prior to Github push and
the videos play on the Netlify site deploy. This lets me know that it isn’t the code itself.

I have tried multiple browsers, both Chrome and Safari and get the same results. This lets me know it’s not a browser specific or cache problem.

This was working previously just fine and only recently started with no code changes to the videos.

I replaced the video files themselves with the same results, plays fine on netlify site deploy, doesn’t work on domain redirect site.

Please help, thank you

hi there @SgtHouston - looks like you have a second thread on the same topic, so i am going to close this one. we will respond on that other thread as soon as we have had some time to think about what might be the cause of this problem.

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