Video Content Shows on Netlify Site, Fails on Domain Redirect

I posted this 2 days ago in Support and got no replies. Please help.

Here is my Netlify Site:

You’ll notice

  1. A video that displays just fine at the top of the home page, as well as
  2. A video that displays just fine at the top of the ‘Start Order’ page.

Here is the domain that Netlify is redirecting my project to:

These same two videos on both pages refuse to play on the redirected domain despite my best efforts.

The videos play on Localhost prior to Github push and
the videos play on the Netlify site deploy. This lets me know that it isn’t the code itself.

I have tried multiple browsers, both Chrome and Safari and get the same results. This lets me know it’s not a browser specific or cache problem.

This was working previously just fine and only recently started with no code changes to the videos.

I replaced the video files themselves with the same results, plays fine on netlify site deploy, doesn’t work on domain redirect site.

All DNS Settings handled by Netlify

Please help, thank you

hi there @SgtHouston ,

we are also seeing what you are seeing - but we aren’t sure why and are trying to investigate. We’ll give you an update once we know more!

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Thank you, I appreciate your help resolving this issue.

I see both videos playing at both sites, so I don’t think the problem you’re facing is domain specific. I did notice, inspecting your source, you’ve embedded .mov videos, which are unlikely to play unless when quicktime player is installed or when you’re on a mac. Try converting your videos to the .mp4 format. I can recommend Miro Video Converter, it’s free:


Thank You!! For some odd reason it was working for the first month just fine with the .mov videos. I just switched them out for mp4 like you suggested and everything works on all browsers again. Very weird but awesome!

Thanks so much for your help, this has been driving me crazy for a some time now!

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From what I know, MOV videos should play fine as long as the codec is H.264. I can confirm that when I checked previously, along with my colleagues, the video was indeed not playing on the custom domain, which is why we were trying to find out what could be causing issues.

It’s good to know it’s working fine, but I don’t think it’s the MP4 conversion alone that fixed it (especially since @tomrutgers say that they were able to see videos on both the domains).