Very simple redirect from subdomain to root domain not working

Root and Netlify domain:
Subdomain and Netlify domain:
Github repo: GitHub - CLGolden/team

I would like for anyone typing in the team subdomain to be redirected to the page.

I have a simple _redirects file in the teams directory (although I’ve also tried it in the root directory).
The deploy summary says it recognizes the redirect the the redirect is just not happening. 301

I’ve been searching docs and Google since last night. Carefully reviewed [Support Guide] Making redirects work for you - troubleshooting and debugging and other similar posts.

I’ve tested the rules in the playground. Tried on different browsers, devices and ISPs.

I’m new to Netlify and may have missed something fundamental. Thanks for any insight anyone can give.

Did you try changing 301 to 301!?

Oh my goodness. That worked.

Thank you!