Redirect folder path to subdomain

Hello, I am having trouble with redirects. I am wanting to redirect a subpage on my website and all of the pages in its folder to a subdomain. The page: I would like to redirect to the subdomain: . I also want to pages inside to redirect to the subdomain: to .
The links work if I type them in as the subdomain but on the actual website the links do not function proper as it adds the slug “/user-guide/” before the page.

I have connected the domain as a domain alias on Netlify and have set up my Netlify.toml as follows:
from = “*
to = “
status = 200
force = true

If someone could please help me I would be very appreciative, I have looked in other similar community answers and documents but I seem to be missing a step. Thank you!

Hi, if you want to redirect from to then the redirect rule must be added to the site being redirected from. However, for that site no redirects were processed:

That page above says:

No redirect rules processed

I checked and there are no netlify.toml files in either deploy. What directory are you putting that file in before upload? Is it in the base of the directory being uploaded?