Using images from Netlify Large Media during build

I introduced Netlify Large Media.
Then I Cann’t use gulp-responsive.
Cann’t I use gulp-responsive and Netlify Large Media on Netlify?
I can use gulp.js on local.

2:09:55 PM: [05:09:55] Starting 'img'...
2:09:55 PM: [05:09:55]
2:09:55 PM: 'img' errored after 211 ms
2:09:55 PM: [05:09:55]
2:09:55 PM: Error in plugin "gulp-responsive"
2:09:55 PM: Message:
2:09:55 PM:     File `use-service.jpeg`: Input buffer contains unsupported image format
2:09:55 PM: Details:
2:09:55 PM:     domainEmitter: [object Object]
2:09:55 PM:     domain: [object Object]
2:09:55 PM:     domainThrown: false

The files you add using large media are NOT AVAILABLE during build, so indeed, your build cannot manipulate them. They are just pointers that are resolved at deploy time. This is mentioned in the documentation here:

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Thank you!
You can not convert JPG to WebP using Netlify Large Media, right?
It seems that the only way to use WebP is to run Gulp locally …

Yes, you’d check the webp images into git after generating locally for that workflow, would have been my suggestion as well.