Using GoDaddy email and setting up Netlify DNS records

Domain address:
Hi everyone, I have DNS issues and i will try to explain in details. My domain is bought from GoDaddy and my website is hosted by Netlify. I have contacted the customer support from GoDaddy and they said that I have to update the below Records in the DNS in Netlify.

Record type :- MX
Name/host :- @
Value ;-
Priority :- 0

Record type :- TXT
Name/host :- @
Value :-
v=spf1 -all

Record type :- CNAME
Host/ Name :- autodiscover
Value :-

Record type :- CNAME
Host/ Name :- email
Value :-

I want to send and receive emails that is all. I know that Netlify doesn’t offer email services except 3 third party apps, so i have decided to buy an email plan on GoDaddy and use it, but i don’t know how to update DNS properly. I have checked other topics here at the community, but most of them confuse me even more.
Could someone assist me with those settings? Thanks in advance!

Hi @ivanStefanovBalinov

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Have you had a chance to review this support guide yet? [Support Guide] How can I receive emails on my domain?

Hopefully that helps.

Hi Elden,
Thanks for the instructions!

I have tried with them and I have added DNS records as GoDaddy support told me. All credentials are correct, i have double-checked. It seems that i can send emails, but still cannot receive emails.

This is what I found in my gmail when I tried sending an email to

Delivery incomplete

There was a temporary problem delivering your message to Gmail will retry for 44 more hours. You’ll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.
The response was:
DNS Error: DNS type ‘mx’ lookup of responded with code NOERROR DNS type ‘aaaa’ lookup of responded with code NXDOMAIN DNS type ‘a’ lookup of responded with code NXDOMAIN

I am using Microsoft 365 Email Essentials plan from Godaddy for email, particularly Outlook.
These are the specifications of the email plan:

It has been 12 hours since i changed the DNS settings. I know about propagation time, may be I should wait more? What else should I do?

Edit: I can confirm that I am using Netlify DNS as per the Domain management info.

Hi, @ivanStefanovBalinov. Part of the issue here is likely that you created the DNS record at GoDaddy when you are not using their DNS service. This domain has been delegated to Netlify DNS so you would need to make the DNS records here:

Also, our support team cannot tell you what the correct DNS records to create are. We can help you to create a DNS record if there are questions about how to do so. However, we are not your email provider and only the email provider can tell you what the correct DNS records should be.

If you tell us what DNS records you want to create, we can provide the instructions to do so. If there are other questions, please reply here anytime.

Hi Luke, Thank you for taking the time to answer!
Yes, I was doing the wrong DNS set up at GoDaddy, since Netlify was the right platform that provided the DNS. So the proper way to setup was by ADDING, not changing or deleting anything. I have added the right DNS records provided by Godaddy into Netlify DNS settings and it worked.
Their agents actually have sent me wrong credentials back then, it was just a hyphen that was missing in the TXT or MX record. The third agent I contacted sent me the right info. That is all!
I am closing the topic since the problem is resolved.

thanks for writing back in and sharing the issue was resolved. we appreciate it. :+1:t6: