GoDaddy email still not working with Netlify DNS

Howdy! My site is

I have been battling with Netlify DNS and GoDaddy email and have read the related posts / support topics (more than once).

I have moved all the associated records over from GoDaddy and the main domain ( works just fine. But email is another question…

I used GoDaddy’s digital assistant thingy, FWIW, and they told me I needed to include two MX records. I added these 2 days ago but I’m still getting bounced mail.

Is it possible there is a config problem at your end, as this post / reply suggests? Not receiving email on GoDaddy email address - #2 by luke

If it helps, I am using my protonmail account to test email and receiving the standard MAILER DAEMON error:

5.1.1 <> Recipient not found.

Here is the full list of records I have in place (screenshot):

It includes the two standard MX records (that I see others using elsewhere) and stuff like the autodiscover Outlook record (not sure what that’s for but hey).

Any ideas? Many thanks!

Hi, @refractionjackson. The issue is probably other required records don’t exist and are missing. I see the SPF record for this domain on Netlify DNS. However, there are often DMARC and DKIM records required as well for email verification/security.

Here is a guide that covers this topic:

Netlify cannot troubleshoot the email delivery issues because we cannot examine the email systems. We can, however, troubleshoot the DNS service as we provide the DNS service and can troubleshoot those systems. (Technically, Netlify DNS is leveraging NS1 infrastructure but we can still troubleshoot the DNS services we provide.)

In other words, if you tell us what DNS records should exist, we can help make sure they are created and working. However, what we cannot tell you is this:

  • What are the correct DNS records that should exist for this email service?

We need you to tell us the answer to that above (or for your email service provider to provide that information). We cannot provide that information because we don’t have access to it. Only the email service knows what they require.

Once you have that information, if you share it with us here, we can help to get those records created and working with Netlify DNS.

The other option is to not use Netlify DNS, to keep all DNS records at the registrar, and to use the external DNS instructions instead:

We can proceed with whichever workflow you prefer (either getting the missing record working with Netlify DNS or switching to using external DNS instead). Please let us know your preference all we’ll proceed from there.