GoDaddy email HELP PLEASE!

hey fellas,

i have an issue i can not access my company email since the dns is registered on Netlify. it render go daddys guides useless. what to do?

please help me. go daddy says they can’t help.

i saw many solutions in this forum that are not helping, as i don’t even understand how and where to start.


this is the guide that i can not do cuze my domain is on netlify:

  1. Sign in to your other GoDaddy account’s [Domain Control Center]
  2. Select your domain name.
  3. Scroll down to the Additional Settings section, and then select Manage DNS.
  4. Under DNS Records, select Add. Add the following records:
  • TXT Record: Select TXT as the Type, and then enter

Hi @saeeddawod :wave:

What is the domain you are having issues with?

You will need to know what the MX servers for GoDaddy are and add these records to Netlify DNS order to get your email working.

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hey Coelmay thanks for your reply,

so i manage to find it on godaddy,

but for all the information there have a filed called “target” which the Netlify “create a new dns record” form doesn’t have.

in netlify “Create DNS” after picking type CNAME , i have
record type, name, value, TTL in seconds (optional).

while in godaddy i have “name” and “target”

same with MX and other fields.

I just have to be extra careful so i won’t drop my website ( while doing this

For an MX record, in the name field you will put @ while the value field will have targeti.e. the mail server address. For example

Adding MX records won’t drop your website.


thank you so much! problem solved then <3

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Thank you for solving this problem, @coelmay! Happy building, @saeeddawod!