Using Discourse Forum as SAML/SSO for Netlify Site

Is there away to use the Discourse Forum as a login provider for a Netlify site? Here is some documentation from Discourse that might offer some clues…

Hi @swamidass

You are looking to use this on the front-end of a site deployed to Netlify, as a replacement for or adjunct to other login methods (e.g. Netlify Identity), correct?

Are you managing a Discourse forum somewhere for this purpose or are you wanting to use Netlify Forums as the provider?

Can you give more details on what you are looking to accomplish and how as your original post doesn’t provide a lot of detail.

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Currently, I have:

  1. A main-domain website hosted on Netlify, without any identify services (yet).

  2. A subdomain where a discourse forum is hosted, and has quite a few regular participants.

I’m looking into ways to integrate between 1 and 2 to improve user experience across both places. One thing that would be nice is to link visits in both places by the same user together. I also want to minimize the number of logins associated with my sites, ideally keeping it to just one.

Using the discourse forum as a SSO server for the main netlify site seems like one path to accomplish some of these goals.

Netlify Identity is far from adding support for that, so I’d not suggest you to hold your breath.

Integrating the two services might be possible to some extent (that is, by programatically creating users with the same email/password when they signup for either of the service - not sure if Discourse has a way to do this), but that still won’t be very seamless. Discourse works on a completely different auth model than Identity. So, migrating the same user base over to Identity won’t really be possible.

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But, i think you can integrate a third-party SSO:

Might also work for Discourse.