Netlify SSO login on

I’d like to use Netlify SSO login to login on but this option is asking for the following permissions:

Authorize Application

Netlify Community is asking for permission to access Netlify on your behalf.

This app will be able to create and manage sites in your Netlify teams. You can revoke access at any time.

I feel uncomfortable to grant this kind of access to I feel a forum should only really need my name and maybe an email address.

Is the message above correct and does have this kind of access to sites on


Hey @m4s - seems like a valid concern to me! i’m actually surprised no-one has asked this before!

the SSO login for the forums (previously called Netlify Community - we will rename that) only grabs the associated email address with your Netlify account & your username. We don’t acquire anything else, such as your repos, or netlify sites, or billing information.

The text in that stock permissions window is incorrect - and I will look into seeing if we can change it. We do NOT create or manage sites in any of your Netlify teams, and have no intention of doing so!

Sorry for the confusion! We really just wanted to create an easier way for you to log in, and have a way to ideally link Netlify emails with forums emails (so we can identify you faster and assist you more easily)

Please let us know if you have any more questions - one of our core values is transparency, so, i will try to answer them as best I can!


Hey @perry, I noticed it first just after the move from the old Netlify Community but thought it was one of these things with low prio maybe. Anyway, that’s been a while now so I thought I’d ask :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying.


thanks for asking! it’s a super valid question (and i don’t want anyone to feel deterred from joining here) so i am glad you brought it up.