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Edit: After taking a closer look, I am noticing that there is a 301 redirect from building-a-react-card-carousel-component to building-a-react-card-carousel-component/, but I haven’t configured anything in netlify.toml to do redirects.

I hope this is the correct category and tag to post this under. I have a question that I feel may be very similar to the Trailing Slash docs section, but I’m just having trouble figuring it out.

When I visit this URL of my site https://awesome-pear-d0bf32.netlify.app/articles/building-a-react-card-carousel-component, I notice that the URL first includes a forward slash version, then redirects to a non forward slash version.

I am seeing in my sites Google Search Console that Google is having some canonical issues with some of my URLs, specifically “Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical”. The Google selected canonical (which includes the forward slash) does not match up with the page URL in my sitemap (which does not include the forward slash). I am ultimately just trying to resolve these indexing issues that are appearing in Google Search Console.

I also noticed within the Netlify admin, there is the Pretty URLs option under Post Processing / Asset Optimization. I don’t know if this applies to my scenario or not, but the documentation link I posted above mentions it. I enabled it and redeployed but I don’t notice any difference.

I am using Gatsby as well, if that helps.

Thanks and I very much appreciate any feedback!

After finding this Github thread comment, and trying that, I was able to resolve my issue.

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